I want to go back to our normal routine, which now seems so extraordinary to us.

The hugs, the gatherings with family and friends. I miss the feeling of freedom, enjoying the streets and nature.

In short, I want to recover those moments and details that really matter.

My name is DAVID19 and together we can fight COVID-19.

Why now?

The health crisis needs a solution to confront our Goliath (COVID-19),  so that we can recover our daily lifestyles at the fullest.

How can you help me?

Every one of us is needed to beat the virus. Information about our situation and how it evolves is the most important thing. I invite you to download the App to tell me a little bit about yourself.

I have great support

There’s many of us! The IDB Innovation Lab (Inter-American Development Bank) created a partnership with Everis, IOVlabs, World Data, Grupo Sabra and LLYC to make DAVID19 a reality.

Data privacy

We want to respect your privacy, that’ s why we use blockchain technology to guarantee the anonymity of your data, so that you know that your information is safe with us. 

What are we going to achieve? 

The more we are, the more accurate and useful the information will be. With this data, authorities will be able to make better decisions such as where to send masks or how to start progressive de-confinement.

Here’s a game for you! 

Be a hero and become DAVID19 with me. To do this, I’ ve created a game where the goal is to advance by levels, by actively providing information and accumulating points to reach DAVID19 status.


Do you want to help fight COVID-19?


What makes most proud about David19, from the exciting birth of the idea that has given him life, is that it allows you -as a responsible citizen- to take care of yourself and those around you; to take care of your own private data, since your data is no one's but yours; and protect you, since we already know that it is fundamental, from whoever wants to handle your data for you. We are all David19!

Alejandro Pardo VegezziIDB Lab Principal Specialist / Leader of LACChain

We are going through a very difficult time for humanity and digital technology has already shown that it can be part of the solution for both citizens and businesses.

Irene Arias HofmanCEO of IDB Lab

DAVID-19 perfectly illustrates KayTrust's vision: to get digital testimonials, in the palm of the united hands of each person and organization, consolidated into a rock of collective trust.

David AmmouialAmericas Blockchain Chapter Lead, everis Digital Technology

The COVID crisis19 tests our society's ability not only to adapt, but to emerge stronger in the face of existential threats. The open Blockchain networks are one of the technologies that through their design enhance the anti-fragility of our societies, not only enabling coordination on a large scale but also promoting the use of collective intelligence, without infringing on people's privacy.

Diego Gutiérrez ZaldívarCEO y and cofounder of IOVlabs

DAVID19 demonstrates the power of Blockchain, enabling the indirect coordination of autonomous entities, to cooperate in a comprehensive and systemic manner, without centralised authorities or hierarchical structures.

Guillermo VillanuevaCEO – Grupo Sabra

Our participation in DAVID19 is due to our belief in the empowerment of citizens, not only to combat one of the greatest threats in our lives, the COVID-19 pandemic, but to enable them to be an agent of change for the development of their community. To participate in DAVID19 is a first step in collaborating in every way we can for the success of LACChain and therefore our own.

Oscar BazoberryChairman – World Data

The tool serves us now as a possible game changer against COVID-19, but its privacy and security features make it a unique tool to anticipate and add millions of wills against future threats.

Alejandro RomeroPartner and CEO of the Americas at LLYC

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