Guide to becoming DAVID19


Register to share your information

It’s easy, download the DAVID19 app to begin your journey!


Collect different tokens to accumulate points

The user will earn points and advance levels based on the number tokens obtained by sharing information. There are three types of tokens (health, awareness, and contribution) and each one has a number of points associated with it so that the user can advance to number one on the ranking list in order to achieve DAVID19 status.


Advance levels to become DAVID19

The game consists of 6 levels: committed citizen, hero promise, hero apprentice, hero master and superhero DAVID19. Be sure to complete your information daily to advance to the last level!


Keep your top position in the global ranking

Don't let idleness get the best of you, you could end up losing your ranking after so much time and effort. Keep contributing on a daily basis so that we can beat this epidemic together!